General Settings

In the section Project SettingsGeneral Settings, you can edit a project name, update an authentication file, configure a project sharing, select a default view, or delete a project.


Editing a Project Name

To change a project name, go to the Edit project name section. Specify a new name and click the Rename button.

Authentication File

The authentication file is the file that allows a probe to be associated with a project. The file is automatically added to the probe folder for each OS when the probe is downloaded. Updating the authentication file prevents previously downloaded probes from starting. To update a file, you should:

  1. Click the Update authentication file button. In the confirmation window, click the ОК button to proceed with the file update. The download of the updated file will begin.

  2. Stop the probe, copy the file to the probe folder.

  3. Start the probe.

Selecting a Default View

You can select a default view that will open when entering a project. The following system views are available: Block View, Mosaic View, Live View, Table View, Graph View, KPI View, Alarms Journal, or the list of project probes.

To set a view, select a view from the list and click the Save button.

If you set a particular view for a project member, the individual setting overrides the default view set for the whole project.

Project Sharing

Once the project is created, it can be shared 1 with other Boro users. The following project roles exist:

  • Administrator – a role of the project participant whose rights are similar to the project Owner rights. The Administrator rights allow downloading and controlling probes, adjusting project settings, adding new analysis task within the limit of a current plan 2. The Administrator has access to all reports created by any user. Furthermore, Administrator can delete himself from the shared project or delete the project completely.

  • User – a role of the project participant whose rights allow viewing the project pages. Changing project settings, downloading probes and controlling them is not allowed. The user has access only to reports generated by him.


Only a project Owner or Administrator can control a project sharing.


The maximum number of mediastreams is limited by the plan set for the project Owner account in the “Plan and Payment” tab.

Enabling Project Sharing


Project Sharing is provided to the registered users only!

  1. In the Administrator (project Owner) account, go to the project to be shared and open the Project settingsGeneral Settings.

  2. Enter a participant’s e-mail for a project sharing, select the project role, a default view, probe groups, then click Add action.

  3. A confirmation email is sent to a user with a link to a shared project. To view a shared project, open the ProjectsAll projects or go to My accountMy projects.


Collaboration on the shared project does not result in any additional charges to the Owner account. Full access to the shared project is available to the participant’s account, even if the balance is zero.

Disabling Project Sharing

  1. Go to the project to stop a project sharing. Select Project settingsGeneral settings.

  2. Select the account from the Project Participants list and press Delete. As the project sharing is disabled, the project will disappear from the All Projects tab for a user.


A project participant with user permissions cannot delete themselves from the project. Only the project Owner and Administrator are authorized to delete users.

Organizing Partial Project Access

Instead of giving a user access to the whole project, you can use the “Probe Groups” setting to allow access to specific probes. For example, the proposed solution can be used when you need to share access to the common monitoring system between regional teams. The user will only see information for all tasks of the probes they have been given access to. This setting can only be applied to project members with the user role, as the Administrator role implies access to all project probes.

To create a new group, go to the probe page or to the all probes page. You can assign multiple group tags to a probe, this gives you the flexibility in access distribution. After assigning groups to probes, return to the “General settings” page. Select the required tags from the dropdown list in the “Probe Groups” column and save changes.

Note that a user cannot be given access to a specific task. A workaround solution is to run the separate probe for the required users.

Project Transfer


Before transferring a project, please check that the plan account of the supposed project Owner allows them to start monitoring of all streams. In case the plan is exceeded, some tasks will be stopped.

A project Owner can transfer his project to other Boro user. The required condition is to add a user with the Administrator role to a project (see the Project Sharing section). Once this condition is met, select a user from the dropdown list and click Transfer project. An email will be sent to the user with a link to the transferred project. By clicking the link, the user can accept the project transfer request on the page that opens. Until a request is approved, a project Owner can cancel it. When a user approves a request, they are given access to the full project administration. The previous Owner will remain in the project with the role of Administrator. If a user rejects a request, the project won’t be transferred.

Managing Project Tags

The General Settings page shows a complete list of project tags. To delete a tag in use, click on the cross in the tag area. The Remove unused tags action will delete all tags in the project that are not in use.


Deleting a Project

The option is available for Administrators only. Deleted projects cannot be restored. The authentication file of the deleted project is invalid, so you will need to download new archives of the application for new projects.