2.1. Starting Work

Necessary to know

  1. The system includes a monitoring server (based in cloud) and a software probe, installed by a user in its own network.

  2. The responsibility for purchasing hardware equipment for a probe is rested upon a user. Elecard support team tsup@elecard.com may assist you in selection of hardware configuration that is most suitable for your tasks.

  3. Download the probe’s archive file using your personal account. Please note, that the archive is attached to the project in your personal account via a project key. That means that the probe will show data only in the project from which it has been downloaded.

  4. Within a project, you may start several probes.

  5. Probes should be started from different folders, because streamMonitor applications started from the same folder can conflict with some files! Download the archive again and unpack it to another folder.

  6. The probe does not send the streams to the cloud-based server (neither during recording nor during recording playback). The analyzing process is performed locally on the probe. The statistical data (bitrate, registered stream errors), stream structure (PSI table), SCTE35 data and video thumbnails are sent to the server.

  7. The probe may record streams in the Pcap format, but the download of these records is disabled by default.