Managing Tasks

Running tasks are represented as tables grouped by the protocol and contain the following information: a task name and its URI, a Service name, number of subtasks, number of licensed streams, task configuration details, tags, profiles (thresholds, recording, notifications), starting time and date.

The infoIcon icon opens the window displaying tabs with a stream PSI table, task and probe information, a manifest. For going to a task page, click on a task name. Use the STOP action in a line corresponding to a specific task to stop its analysis.

Some protocols imply analysis of several media representations (DASH/HLS) or distinct subtasks (SRT listener). For example, during a short time after the start of a DASH/HLS task near its name a number and icon downArrow appear. A number defines the amount of such subtasks, and when clicking the arrow the subtasks list is expanded.

The column “Number of streams” displays the number of licensed streams that the analysis of this task occupies. Additionally, there are two counters “Active tasks / Licensed streams” displaying the general number of the probe tasks and the amount of used licensed streams. If you use the service version, you can find the licensing rules on the page Plan and Payment or in the User License Agreement on the company’s website. For Boro Solution, licensing rules are specified in the Elecard Software License Agreement.

Switch between Configuration |Tags to display viewing the task configuration details or list of tags. To expand the column details, click the downArrow icon. You may view or edit the task configuration by clicking details in the Configuration column.


In the Configuration window, the most of parameters can be edited. However, for changing a task URI or the OTT Analysis Mode stop a task and click the AS NEW action.

If required, you can edit the configuration of several tasks at a time. For configuration group editing, select required tasks and click the Configure button. Please note, that task editing window differ for different types of protocols. For this reason, group editing is possible only for tasks with the same protocol. Be careful editing the group of tasks, made changes are applied to all tasks of the group.

To stop several tasks, select tasks and click the Stop button.

All completed tasks are displayed by clicking the Show action. For completed tasks, you can additionally view stop time and a task status. Possible statuses are: finished, stalled, rejected, stopping, recreated with new ID.

The completed task can be started without changing the configuration by clicking on the Resume action. To change the configuration of a task before starting it, click the As New action. Use the Delete button to remove a completed task from the list. For group work with tasks, before choosing one of the actions, select the desired tasks.