5.1. Plan and Payment

On the Plan and Payment page, there are settings designed for managing Boro service subscription and account notifications, as well as tools for refilling the balance.

Changing Number of Streams

In the Current Plan section, you can find information about your active Boro subscription. It includes number of streams, daily and monthly payments. The account balance is displayed in the top right corner of the page, where you can also view the next payment date accounted on the basis of the current Boro subscription.


When selecting a Boro subscription plan, the service type should be considered. The calculation policy varies for different services, as described below:

  • IPTV and SRT services: each program in each transport stream generates one data stream transferred to the server.

  • OTT services in the “All Renditions“ analysis mode:

    • HLS: one Variant Stream generates one data stream.

    • DASH: one Video Representation generates one data stream.

  • OTT services in the “Player” analysis mode: one OTT service generates one data stream. (In the “Player” mode, the probe analyzes a Variant Stream and takes the highest bitrate allowed by the network bandwidth at this time, as in HLS media players).

To change a current plan, click the Change plan button and specify a new number of streams. Daily and monthly payments will be automatically calculated. Save changes.


When changing the number of streams, subscription for recurring payment will be canceled. If required, you can configure new recurring payment for a renewed amount.
Please note if you have a discount for a certain number of streams, a discount will be canceled when decreasing the number of streams. If the number of streams is increased, a discount will remain active.


In the Payment section, you can make a one-time payment or configure recurring payment in accordance with the selected plan. For making payment, you can use your PayPal account, or pay via a credit or a debit card. The PayPal system may offer additional payment methods available in your region.

All payments and charges are displayed in the Balance History section. You may configure displaying of charges or payments separately by using the filters.

One-Time Payment

To make an arbitrary 1 payment, go to a One-Time Payment tab. Specify a payment amount and select appropriate payment method: payment via PayPal account or payment via credit/debit card:

  1. Specify a 1 payment amount.

  1. For payment via PayPal account: Click the PayPal button and log in PayPal. Select from the list or add a new payment source.
    For payment via debit or credit card: Click the Debit or Credit Card button. Once the window opens, specify the payment data: a card number, expiration date, CVV, cardholder name, address data, and a phone number.
  1. Click the Pay Now button to make payment. Once the payment is processed, a confirmation email will be sent. Additionally, a payment will appear in the Balance History section.


The minimum payment amount is $175 when paying the first time, for the next payments — $10. To know about current restrictions for minimum payment amount, contact the technical support

Recurring Payment

Recurring payment allows easier payment process. To activate recurring payment, you only need to specify payment source data once, and then all subsequent payments will be made automatically. The following rules are applied to recurring payments:

  • Funds from the selected payment source will be debited every 30 days, in the amount necessary to pay for the number of streams selected at the time of subscription activation;

  • For the first payment, funds will be debited at the moment of recurring subscription activation. Check your payment source balance before recurring subscription activation;

  • When changing the number of streams, the current recurring payment subscription will be cancelled. If necessary, you can activate recurring payment for a new payment amount;

  • If you cancel the current subscription and activate a new one (e.g. when changing the number of streams or payment plan), funds are debited from the source at the moment of a new subscription activation.

  • The user can cancel by himself recurring payment at any time.

To make a new subscription, go to the Recurring Payment tab.

  1. Select an appropriate payment plan. For more convenience, the Boro system may send notifications for forthcoming payments 3 days before the date of next charge. To receive such notifications, enable the Notify about a forthcoming payment 2 setting.

  1. For recurring payment via PayPal account: Click the PayPal Subscribe button and log in PayPal. Select from the list or add a new payment source and click the Continue button. Check the contact and payment data, click Agree & Subscribe to enable recurring payments and paying for the first time.
    For payment via debit or credit card: Click the Debit or Credit Card. Once the window opens, specify the payment data: a card number, expiration date, CVV, cardholder name, and address data and a phone number. Specify whether you want to create a PayPal account and click Agree & Subscribe button, funds will be debited, and recurring payment will be enabled.
  2. Once the payment is processed, a confirmation email will be sent, a payment will appear in the Balance History section.


Even if the setting is disabled, you will receive the notification about the first forthcoming charge after recurring payment is enabled.

Cancelling Recurring Payment

In the Recurring Payment section, click Unsubscribe button.
Once the recurring payment is canceled, you may continue working with the service until you have funds enough to pay a daily charge.


Recurring payment will also be disabled when changing a Boro plan.

Account Notifications

In Account Notifications, you can specify which users should receive emails about the account state. There are emails about such events as account recharge/paid period ending, activation/cancellation of recurrent payment, etc.


In the section, there is a list of users with whom you have shared your projects. If you need to add a recipient different from those listed, specify the email of a user registered in Boro and click the Add button. By default, only a project owner receives such email. Select required recipients from the list and click the Save button.


You may only specify an email of a registered user.