4.3. Task Consolidation

General Information

Task consolidation – is a process consolidating the results for the channel (service) obtained from different monitoring points.

The Elecard Boro system provides multilevel monitoring. Task consolidation is the upper level. Consolidation of results available at MosaicView allows significantly decreasing the volume of displayed data and provides early warning of an occurred problem and its level. At the next stage, the problem type and monitoring points (content production and delivery segments where the problem occurs) are defined. The third stage covers the case study: events and errors journal is carefully examined, graphic parameters are reviewed.

An additional identification field is used to consolidate tasks and it allows avoiding strict rules when setting a task name. See below the Monitoring Scheme of an indicative network:


For example, two channels (Channel1 and Channel2) are transferred within the network. The channels are monitored in four monitoring points (circles). In this case, the tasks may have the following names:


IPTV out

HLS out

IPTV edge


Football input

Football output

Football HLS

Football Moscow


Summary input

Summary output

Summary HLS

Summary Omsk


The values in the last column (Service) set the common tag for different tasks. The channel name is used as the tag value in the above stated example. The tasks are consolidated by the value specified in the Service field.


there are no rules for naming tasks and the Service fields. The only rule is the Service names similarity specified for all tasks monitoring the same channel in different monitoring points.

Setting Up Tasks Consolidation

To consolidate results, Elecard Boro uses the Service field that should be filled when setting tasks. As shown in the monitoring scheme, to monitor one channel in four monitoring points, it is required to set tasks to each of the four probes and to specify similar values in the Service field. For example, the tasks set to the IPTV out probe, may look as follows:


The tasks set to the HLS out probe, may have the following values:



the Service field values are similar for different probes, that allows consolidating the tasks.

The Service value can be added or edited for the running task on the task page, if required:



tasks consolidation is available for diverse tasks, i.e. IPTV and OTT tasks can be consolidated.

Displaying Consolidated Tasks

Display of consolidated results is available for MosaicView. The tasks with similar values of the Service field are automatically grouped. See details in the MosaicView section.