Elecard Boro
Video streams quality monitoring service
Elecard Boro is a multifunctional service designed for quality control of the video streams which perfectly serves OTT and IPTV broadcasting, DVB content preparation and video surveillance systems
Analyzed parameters
  • Signal loss
  • Continuity Counter, Clock Continuity
  • Inter-Packet Arrival Time (IAT)
  • ETSI TR 101 290 (priority 1)
  • Download/Multicast/Payload Rate
  • Stream Headers validation
  • In-depth HLS Analysis
  • Video Freeze
  • SCTE-35 analysis
  • Closed Captions extraction
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Frame capture by events
  • Video recording by event
How it works
1. Elecard Boro is a software product (client-server application) consisting of 2 parts: a software Boro probe and a cloud-based Boro server designed to collect and process statistics.

2. Software Boro probes are distributed over the network and transfer video specific data to the Boro server; the cloud-based Boro server receives, analyzes and aggregates the statistical data provided by Boro probes.

3. Elecard Boro operates under Windows, Windows Server, Linux (Unix).

4. Elecard Boro ensures fast email notification and localization of the most common violations in video content delivery.
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  • The Boro probe software is set up at the head-end station, at input streams monitoring points and after transcoding, multiplexing and encrypting modules. Additional locations might include end-points of main delivery networks, signal distribution points and last mile locations.
  • The user starts the probe in the monitoring point. Tasks for analysis are assigned to the probe in the dashboard of the Boro service. Boro probe detects violations in the stream and transfers the detailed statistical information to Elecard Boro server. The server aggregates the received data and provides reports in easy-to-understand graphic form for each segment of the network in the web browser.
  • Service provides fast and cost-effective monitoring of content delivery networks by registering the following parameters: violations and parameters of transport stream layer (СС, ETSI TR 101 290 (Priority 1), bitrate parameters), signal loss, video freeze, EPSNR, etc. Estimated PSNR (Estimated or No-Reference PSNR) is the metric that measures typical PSNR values of the encoded video sequence without the reference video sequence.
Key features
Probe Software
  1. Continuity Counter
  2. Signal loss
  3. ETSI TR 101 290 (Priority 1)
  4. Clock Continuity
  5. Video freeze
  6. EPSNR
  7. Conformance between video stream headers (profile/level values) and actual stream parameters
  8. Download rate/Multicast rate
  9. Payload rate
  10. HEVC /H.265 support
  11. SCTE-35 analysis
  12. Closed Caption
  13. Frame capture by specified criteria (events) and time intervals
  14. In-depth analysis of HLS protocol
Cloud-Based Server
  1. Managing probes via web interface
  2. Saving and loading a probe's task profile on the server
  3. Email error notifications
  4. Keeping collected data for 2 weeks or longer by request
  5. Data backup
  6. Providing statistical data at the convenient view
  7. Access to the server data via the browser from any device located in any place
Sources: UDP, RTP, HTTP, HLS, DVB, file(TS)
Transport: MPEG-2 TS (SPTS /MPTS)
Video codecs: MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

SSE2 support (Intel® Pentium 4 and higher, AMD® Opteron and Athlon 64 and higher)

System Requirements:
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32/64 bit, Server 2008/2012 32/64 bit
Linux 32bit/64bit + glibc-2.11 (October 2009, Debian 6, Ubuntu 10.04, SLES 11, RHEL 6, CentOS 6) or higher.

Supported Browsers:

  • Chromium, version 51 and later
  • Google Chrome, version 51 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 47 and later
Why Elecard Boro is a perfect choice for distributed systems
  • Elecard Boro is a software solution which is quickly and easily set up and integrated into distributed networks
  • Low CPU consumption
  • Elecard Boro ensures monitoring over the distributed networks and over separate network segment
  • The Boro probes data might be transferred by GSM network. Traffic less than 3 Gb per month
  • Image quality control
  • Image replacement detection
  • Localizing defective segments of the delivery network
  • Installation, setup and managing delivery networks
  • Localizing defective segments of the delivery network
  • Head-end signal monitoring
  • Quality monitoring for multi program streams (MPTS)
  • Control over signal delivery to QAM modulator
Ad insertion control
  • Ad insertion control in the video stream using SCTE-35
Multimedia servers QA
  • Load & Stress tests of content distribution servers based on http/HLS protocol
  • Quality assurance for video equipment
  • Monitoring of transcoding, multiplexing and encrypting systems at head-end broadcasting stations
Elecard ensures high quality standards for the product and provides timely technical support
Saving on hardware platform and additional equipment supply, reducing network maintenance expenses
The client receives quick notifications about the detected violations
Easy to use
Easy remote access to the service compared to hardware solutions
Licenses tailored to your project needs
Compiling the software solution according to the client's individual requirements. The possibility to daily adjust the number of the streams under analysis
Customer loyalty
Keeping the stable customer base providing continuous quality control of your services and quick fixation of the detected violations
Start using Elecard Boro
30-day free trial period to evaluate Elecard Boro with full functionality upon request!
After the trial period is over, one stream is available for the analysis forever and for free!
Sign up
Create your account by registering on the website. You may create an unlimited number of projects and manage them using your account. Create your first project.
Set up Boro probes
Download the Boro probe for a chosen platform. Install the Boro probe at your PC/server at the point you want the signal be analyzed as described in the manual. Set up the configuration file.
Start using the service
The Boro probe automatically establishes connection with the cloud-based Boro server, generates real-time reports available at your account and delivers notifications via e-mail and sms.
Use the slider below to calculate your own monthly price
Continuity Counter
ETSI TR 101 290 First priority 1.4 Continuity_count_error. Incorrect packet order or a packet occurs more than twice or lost packet.
EPSNR – is a graph representing the statistical evaluation of the ratio distortion of digital video data in the process of encoding. PSNR is measured in terms of the decibel scale and is determined as an attitude of peak quadratic value of the video signal to the quadratic deviation of the decoded image to the original/source image. EPSNR (Estimated Peak Signal to Noise Ratio) is estimated based on data contained in the encoded video stream and does not require reference (uncoded) video images.
Clock Continuity
PTS/DTS timestamps continuity, incorrect sequence detection. Equivalent to ETSI TR 101 290 Second priority 2.5 PTS_error. PTS repetition period more than 1000 ms.
RTP over UDP (multicast). The stream should meet the RTP Payload Format for MPEG1/MPEG2 Video (rfc2250) specification.
Dear colleagues! We are glad to introduce Elecard Boro – a robust service designed for real-time quality monitoring of the transport streams providing advanced means for timely analyzing and troubleshooting of the most common violations in multimedia delivery networks.

Among the most striking advantages of the solution are reliability, cost-effectiveness, easy operation and flexible settings (user may choose the number of analyzed streams and the number and location of points for data analysis).

Easy and client-friendly registration process coupled with flexible project settings enable users to eхpand the set of services exploited as the monitoring requirements grow or change by registering a new project.

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